FISE, Festival International des Sports Extrêmes, gathers the best international athletes to compete and showcase their talents in the city of Montpellier, France. This 19 year tradition attracts hundreds of thousands of people to meet in the heart of Montpellier to experience the FISE vibe.

Brian Fox and Jack Straiton had the pleasure to experience FISE together for the first time. Having never left the country to compete, this would be a trip to remember regardless of the outcome. Opening FISE with the BMX Spine Competition the both of them fit right in with the riders that they currently look up too and have for many years. Seeing these guys ride side by side with the best in the world was unbelievable.

Photo By : AJ Anaya

Photo By : AJ Anaya

After a couple delays due to rain, the much anticipated BMX Park competition was finally underway. This competition was swamped with 130 of the best riders in the world. Jack dropped in and headed straight for the box jump where he threw a 360 whip to bar spin to set the tempo. Back flip to front flip fakie followed and a front flip tuck no hander ended the run for Jack. He was so pumped after his run that he had to take a step back and give thanks to the crowd for all of the support. Brian then put his run together, a run that positioned him in 8th place, punching his ticket into the finals.

In the finals, Brian ran two flawless runs landing a spot in 3rd place after half of the riders have competed, but it was not over yet. Brian stole the show when he attempted a world's first 1440 in the best trick competition. He was unable to land the trick but he definitely made a name for himself at FISE. This event is all about the riders and entertaining the fans and the Finals did just that! FISE was a huge success and we could not be more proud of Jack and Brian! Great job guys, and as for FISE, we will be seeing you next year!

If you were unable to catch any of the action, you can view the BMX Spine Comp right HERE and the BMX Pro Park Final right HERE.